Tony and Tim Nolan always have done things together. They grew up and went to high school together in Lexington. They took their first job at a quarry together. And for the past 17 years, they have worked at the Kinzua mill together.

That hasn’t always been easy for co-workers, because the Nolan brothers are twins.

When they first came to the mill, they worked as general laborers. They did odd jobs that needed to be done. 

Some of their bosses and co-workers would see Tim working on one side of the mill, then see Tony on the other.

“They didn’t know there were two of us,”?Tony said. 

“Our Friday boss, he didn’t know there were two of us, he thought we were a pretty good worker.”

The brothers laugh with big smiles.

Though they commonly have mixups like that – especially at the grocery store – the twins said they don’t get teased. That could have something to do with their towering stature.

After 17 years working at Kinzua, most everyone knows Tony from Tim. It helps that their names are on their hardhats. It also helps they both have very different jobs.

Tim is a saw filer. And he relieves the head rig operator. That means his job will change every once in a while, something he enjoys.

Tony is the saw mill supervisor. He likes getting to work with the big equipment. He likes finding the way to get the best dollar out of each log.

“There’s satisfaction in just forcing machines to do what you want them to do,”?he said. 

He also likes his co-workers.

“I enjoy the people, the crew,”?Tony said. “It’s its own little community in itself.”


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