A federal judge in Portland Wednesday sentenced an inmate to four additional years in prison for making threats against President Obama.

David Earl Anderson has spent much of the past four years at the State Penitentiary. He's serving a five-year state sentence for identity theft, but he's been in federal custody while this case got sorted out.

In October of 2009, he started writing a series of letters from prison saying he would not take orders from a black man, and that he wanted President Obama to die. Anderson pleaded guilty last fall to charges he threatened to kill the president of the United States. His attorney, Renee Manes argued he was delusional. She says Anderson wanted a transfer to a federal prison.

But Judge Anna Brown says she believes mental illness alone did not account for Anderson's threats. She noted Anderson made additional death threats against a Marion County deputy prosecutor just days after entering his guilty plea.

Anderson will serve his federal sentence after his state sentence is complete.

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