Ronald Kay Williams has been brought back into Clatsop County Circuit Court and ordered to pay nearly $4,600 in restitution to two local organizations, the Commercial Fishermen’s Festival and Warrenton Kids Inc.

Williams, the former director of the Commercial Fishermen’s Festival, was found guilty in March of first-degree aggravated theft, theft and tampering with a witness.

A 12-person jury found him guilty of stealing autographed memorabilia and other festival items from the organization’s office after resigning in September 2011, and taking money from a festival bank account. He was also found guilty of taking a dunk tank on loan from Warrenton Kids Inc.

Circuit Court Judge Philip Nelson sentenced Williams to nearly four years in prison.

On Friday, Nelson awarded the Commercial Fishermen’s Festival $2,746 and Warrenton Kids Inc. $1,850. Chris Gramson, vice-president of the festival, testified at the hearing about returned festival items that had been damaged and $1,000 that went missing from a Clatsop Community Bank account at the time of Williams’ resignation.

Autographed fishing gear and posters signed by members of "The Deadliest Catch" television show were among the items taken by Williams as well as a large tent.

The dunk tank belonging to Warrenton Kids Inc. had been used by the festival and restored. Williams was spotted hauling the dunk tank to a scrap yard in Miles Crossing where he had the top cut off.

Astoria Police questioned Williams about who it belonged to.

Mindy Little, president of the Warrenton nonprofit, testified by phone Thursday about the condition of the tank when it was first loaned to the festival and its restored condition with a working lever. For a brand new dunk tank from the same builder, Little said the organization had reached a figure of more than $3,000.


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