Judge tells chiropractor to stay away from patients

<p>Adam Lopez</p>

After being arrested for the second time this month, Dr. Adam Lopez appeared in circuit court via closed circuit television Monday from the Clatsop County Jail to be arraigned on 70 counts of third-degree sex abuse.

Lopez, 58, was arrested Friday as an ongoing investigation by authorities discovered four patients allegedly touched inappropriately by the Warrenton-based chiropractor.

Lopez was arrested Sept. 9 after a 26 year old woman came forward and reported he allegedly inappropriately touched her and subjected her to touching his groin.

Clatsop County Sheriff's deputies began their investigation of Lopez Sept. 6 after the alleged victim came forward.

After his first arrest, on nine counts of third-degree sex abuse, Lopez’ security was set at $10,000 for each count. He posted the 10 percent and was released on bail.

Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis asked Monday that $10,000 be added up for each current count and security set at $700,000.

“With multiple victims, I think that calls for the standard security,” Marquis said, indicating the amount was reached by jail staff.

Marquis stated his main concern was the seriousness of the charges and Lopez's financial resources available to him.

Lopez’ lawyer, Mark Lang, indicated that Lopez had effectively gone on paid administrative leave from his office and would not continue working if released.

“At this point, he will not be treating patients,” Lang said. He pointed out Lopez’ family and community ties in consideration of security being set. “I don’t see him as a flight risk.”

“That’s the concern a number of victims have,” Marquis said, about Lopez, if he was still working while out of jail. He said the case is still under investigation.

Judge Cindee Matyas declined to add additional security for Lopez’ bail and accepted the initial $9,000 that Lopez posted from his first arrest.

Matyas ordered that Lopez not initiate contact with any female patients and that he no longer see patients while the case is being resolved.

Lang indicated that the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners would be holding a hearing Tuesday regarding Lopez.

The board disciplined Lopez in 2006 for having an intimate sexual relationship with a patient. He was suspended for 30 days and given three years of probation as well as a $5,000 civil penalty and was required to attend an ethics program. Lopez has been a licensed chiropractor in Oregon since 1990 and is required to renew his license by Sept. 30

An early resolution conference was set for 2 p.m. Dec. 11 in Clatsop County Circuit Court.


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