Knappa School District will likely cut school days to make up for a funding shortfall this year.

The district is coming up $144,000 short because of a predicted state revenue shortage of $344 million, Superintendent Rick Pass said.

The state revenue shortage will be confirmed in the March revenue forecast.

Knappa School Board discussed the cut in days at their meeting Tuesday. Knappa pays about $14,500 in wages each day, he said. To make up for the shortfall only in days, the school would have to cut about 10 days. Pass said the school is looking at other things that can be cut.

The school has also frozen all purchase orders to preserve its budget.

"The only things that are going out are the things that we need to have," Pass said. "About the only way to really save money is a reduction of days."

The school can cut up to 10 days and comply with state requirements for the number of school days.

Pass said the staff has worked with him while discussing a cut in days, although their contracts require them to work 190 days.

"I had several meetings with staff trying to keep them posted about what was going on," he said.

The staff agreed to cut days from their contract but not insurance or salaries. The cut in days could mean between $500 to $1,000 depending on the employee's salary, Pass said.

"We're looking at what we're going to do for this year, but the big problem is next year," he said.

If the school maintains the current staff numbers, Knappa's per day cost in wages will be $15,400, he said. However, the school is looking at a $497,047 funding shortfall.

The board will discuss the cuts at the March board meeting. Pass said he hopes to have an estimated number of days to cut at that meeting.


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