NASELLE - The Naselle-Grays River Valley School Board, at its June meeting, approved the request by teacher Tim Kopp to take part in the National Council for Teacher Education (NCATE) training which could lead to his participation as a Board of Examiners member. Members of that board are appointed to three-year terms and may be reappointed for a second three-year term.

The trainees are appointed to be members of the Board of Examiners upon successful completion of the training which will be conducted in July in Bloomington, Ill., and in November in Charlotte, N.C.

NCATE is an independent accrediting agency established to assure that teacher education institutions meet standards of accountability in teacher education. Through the process of voluntary peer review and a supporting structure of related policies and procedures, NCATE has established itself as a leading proponent of school reform through teacher preparation.

Board of Examiners members are selected through an extensive process that identifies and trains individuals to make judgments about the quality of professional education units in colleges and universities. Members of the Board of Examiners represent all facets of the preparation of professional educators including personnel in higher education institutions, practicing teachers and other school personnel, board of education members and personnel of state agencies responsible to teacher education.

Kopp was nominated to NCATE's Board of Examiners by the National Education Association. Kopp earned the nomination by presenting evidence of strong communications skills, teamwork and dedication to improving professional development and student learning.

"I am excited about this experience," says Kopp. "This is a chance to have a larger role in the education profession and, in particular, to represent the point of view of small rural districts in the training and preparation of teachers. It's a rare opportunity."

Kopp has been a teacher for 20 years, 16 of which have been in the Naselle-Grays River Valley School District. While most of Kopp's work in the past sixteen years has been in the institution school at Naselle Youth Camp, his current assignment has him working in the public school as well. Kopp earned a Masters in Education from City University in 1996 and earned National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification in 2001. Kopp serves as president of the Naselle-Grays River Education Association He speaks on the topic of National Board Certification for the Washington Education Association's Speakers Bureau.

Kopp earned his bachelor's degree from Concordia University, Moorhead, Minn., in 1975. He taught four years in Minnesota before moving to Alaska to work in the printing industry. He returned to teaching in the Naselle-Grays River area when he moved his family to Naselle in 1987. Kopp has been married to Rebecca for 30 years. Together they raised three sons, all graduates of Naselle High School. Kopp is active in the Naselle Evangelical Lutheran Church.

To learn more about NCATE, visit the Web site, ( )

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