JEWELL — The Jewell School Board has concluded its search for a superintendent, choosing Alice L. Hunsaker, current superintendent of the Lake County Education Service District in southern Oregon.

“When I visited the Jewell students, staff and community I just felt connected.” Hunsaker said. “I look forward to building strong relationships as we move the school district forward. We have a great opportunity to achieve something special for our students. I’m really excited the board selected me to be the next Jewell Superintendent.”

She succeeds interim leader Larry Lockett, of Astoria, whose term ends June 30. She visits the school this week and starts July 1.

After lengthy discussions this year, the Jewell school board separated the responsibilities of superintendent and principal for Jewell School.

“We conducted an extensive search for a new superintendent to fill a half-time position, and Alice Hunsaker emerged as the right choice,” said Board Chairman Matt Armstrong. “She distinguished herself in the field of applicants throughout the search by demonstrating a record of proven success.”

The school board reviewed the candidate applications with the assistance of a screening committee representing staff, students and community. With help from some of the screeners, it conducted a rigorous round of initial interviews with several candidates, then investigated the candidates’ backgrounds and references.

After the background checks, the Board invited Hunsaker and the other finalists for a “day in the district” at Jewell School, followed by a second interview with the school board.

A team of board members visited her current employer at Lake County ESD, located in Lakeview. While there, the site visit team interviewed numerous staff and community members about her educational and leadership skills. All those interviewed had high praise for Hunsaker’s knowledge about education and her ability to build relationships with staff and community.

Hunsaker holds multiple positions with her current employer. For the last three years she has served as superintendent, school improvement director and special education director for Lake County ESD. She is also the administrator for Adel School District in Lakeview.

Her previous positions in other districts have included principal of Culver high and middle schools in Culver for eight years. Earlier in her career, she worked for the Redmond School District in various positions, including elementary principal, high school assistant principal and grant coordinator.

Her teaching experience is in the fields of life sciences and biology at various school districts both large and small in Oregon. She has a Master of Science degree in Biology Education from Lewis and Clark College and a Bachelor of Science in biology and physical education from Willamette University. Her Educational Administration Licensure program was completed at Lewis and Clark and the University of Oregon.