Arline LaMear has dropped out of the race for Astoria City Council.

LaMear was one of four candidates who filed for the Ward 1 seat, along with Joyce Compere, Bruce Conner and incumbent Bob Heilman.

LaMear said she entered the race because of her unhappiness with Heilman's tenure. But fears that the crowded field of challengers could result in a split vote prompted her decision to drop out. She will support Compere's candidacy, she said.

"I think someone who is looking toward the future of Astoria should get into that position," she said.

Heilman's dispute with the city's Historic Landmarks Commission most angered her, LaMear said.

"It seems the City Council has a special obligation to uphold the rules, and his flaunting of them, and his display of anger at the HLC has made a mockery of the City Council," she said.

Mayor Willis Van Dusen has announced he will run for re-election, and Ward 3 councilor Blair Henningsgaard is also running. The filing deadline is Aug. 27.