WARRENTON - Lisa Lamping, defeated in the Warrenton City Commission elections Nov. 5, is quitting her post early in an attempt to be appointed to another vacant position.

"In light of the recent resignation of Lylla Gaebel from the Warrenton City Commission, I am submitting my resignation from the City Commission as well, effective Nov 25, so that I may qualify to apply for the appointment that will be made by the Warrenton Commission in the near future," she said.

Dick Hellberg beat Lamping for her seat and will take over at the beginning of 2003. Gaebel won a seat on the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners in the spring by defeating incumbent Tim Gannaway, then survived Gannaway's write-in campaign in the fall.

"Although I was defeated I believe that my strong showing in the last election, losing 700-757 - just a shortage of 57 votes - coupled with my eight years of commission experience is a strong reason that I should be appointed to fill this vacancy," Lamping said.

"There was no clear mandate for any one candidate and I believe that nearly half the voting citizens of Warrenton would choose to place me in this vacancy."

Hellberg and Gil Gramson, the former city manager, won seats Nov. 5, with Gramson ousting incumbent Bill Harris. They will join Mayor Jeff Hazen and Commissioner Paul Rodriguez on the five-member board in January. The commission will be meeting shortly to discuss appointing Gaebel's replacement.

Lamping said she will be able to work with the new commission, even though Gramson defeated her. "I love the city of Warrenton and I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to work on all the projects that we have on the table," she said. "I believe I have been with the city through the most difficult times and can bring a perspective and candor that is healthy and balanced."


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