The Oregon State Police handled several more accidents caused by icy road conditions Monday, following a busy weekend that also saw ice and snow.

Sgt. Brad Kneaper said a few extra troopers were on patrol last night, and he said it thankfully was pretty quiet for the most part. But with snow turning to freezing rain today, conditions are still poor for driving.

"It's nasty out there," he said.

Several drivers lost control of their vehicles on ice while driving on U.S. Highways 101, 26 and 30, Monday.

Luna Olvera Mirian, 32, of Cannon Beach was driving a Ford sport utility vehicle with her two young children north on U.S. 101 near the Cannon Beach Junction at around 3:30 p.m. Monday when she lost control and collided into a 1988 Oldsmobile driven by Andrew Arnold Vetsch, 90, also from Cannon Beach.

Neither Vetsch nor Mirian and her children were injured in the accident.

Later in the day, James Dale Dean, 27, of Gearhart lost control of his 1981 Toyota pickup on U.S. 101 near Surf Pines Road. The truck flipped onto its side, but OSP reported Dean was uninjured.

Other motorists went off the road and had to be towed back out when conditions permitted.

Kneaper said all highways are still open, but chains are required for vehicles towing or those with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds.

He said other motorists are required to carry chains, and said OSP would like to encourage them to not drive if they don't have to.

"We're all chained up," he said. "We're not driving any more than we have to."


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