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The state is trying to learn more about a cluster of bone cancer cases in West Salem.

Local state representative Vicki Berger says she expects to get the results of a study into the prevalence of the rare disease by the end of Tuesday, despite reports the state won't release them.

The state balked at releasing the study, citing a possible violation of health privacy laws.

"They are going to give it to me. They are going to give it to me today," said Berger.

"I don't know what it'll say. I was just trying to get perspective on just how rare this cancer is in Oregon. Because we're looking at four or five incidences in West Salem. So is that four or five out of 50, four or five out of 100, or is that four or five out of ten. And that's the data I'm looking for."

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency spent 14 months and more than $100,000 looking for soil contaminants that may be responsible for the cancer cluster, but said last month it found no link.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.


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