SEASIDE - It was more than a vacation in Seaside for a group of girl scouts from Washougal, Washington.

The troop spent time during late July at a cabin on Broadway used by Oregon and Southwest Washington Girl Scout troops. The cabin sits directly across the street from Sunset Pool and the Sunset Parks and Recreation District offices.

Just outside the cabin, the girls got a lesson about the American Flag.

The group raised and lowered the flag and conducted a flag folding ceremony.

"We folded the flag. It was called the color guard," said Abigail Wall, 7.

"It was fun," said Ellie Lanz, 6.

"I took down the flag and folded it," said Alexandria Lacorte, 7.

"I learned how to take down the flag," said Charlotte Eaker, 8.

Melanie Lacorte, the troop leader, said the flag folding was a lesson to help the girls better understand the history and meaning of the American Flag.

"We are trying to teach the girls to respect the American Flag, our country and everything and anyone that has to do with protecting our country," said Lacorte.

During their time in Seaside the troop also enjoyed swimming at the beach and playing at Broadway Park.

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