GEARHART - First Carol Brenneman won the Gearhart City Council seat. Then Ed Tice was ahead. Now, who knows? The final answer has to come within 20 days of the election, but ballots are still coming in.

"Leave it to Gearhart," Councilor Dianne Widdop said about the close race for Position 2 on the City Council. "It's the 10-year curse."

Because some ballots were dropped off in other Oregon counties, votes are still coming in and some may effect the race, which is too close to call with about 600 votes in. A story about the closest North Coast election in Friday's edition of The Daily Astorian noted that ballots were "erroneously" dropped off in other counties. In fact, the County Elections Department reports, Oregon law allows voters to drop off their ballots at an appropriate drop-off point in any Oregon county.

These ballots are then forwarded to the county in which the voter is registered.

Widdop said she feels for Brenneman because she tied in the November 1994 election with Pat Roberts. When the situation could not be resolved, Widdop and Roberts ran again in March 1995, and Widdop won. The council seat was empty until that time.

"We used to go to meetings and tell each other, 'You want to be the councilor? I'm tired of this!'" Widdop said.

While Widdop called Roberts to taunt her after the March election, the two became good friends.

"Pat and I have already been on the phone laughing because we've been there," Widdop said. "Only in Gearhart."


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