Richard Lee and Jeff Hazen are leading their races for the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners.

In the more crowded third race, Ann Samuelson and Russ Earl are ahead of their other opponents John R. Benson and John Dunzer.

If the trend continues as more votes are counted, Samuelson and Earl will face a runoff in November.

In the four-way contest to select the county's new third Circuit Court judge Cindee Matyas and Don Haller are leading the field ahead of Michael Dooney and Mary Ann Murk. If there is no clear winner the top two will be in a runoff.

Click on this Web site throughout the night for updated details of elections results as they come in to The Daily Astorian's newsroom in Astoria.

All three measures on the ballot appeared to be passing in early returns, but the Warrenton measure needed more votes to validate.

Measure 4-113: a five-year countywide property tax levy to keep the Clatsop County Fairgrounds open;

Measure 4-114: an advisory vote for Gearhart City Council asking, "Should the city grant a 99-year lease to the Chautauqua Center Association for a cultural, arts and community center?"

Measure 4-115: a $10-million bond in Warrenton to pay for the wastewater treatment plant, the second attempt to get a bond passed. This measure needed a 50-percent turnout to validate.


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