To the Editor,

I used to play frisbee with my dog, at the park or one of the baseball fields on Wahanna, where we were out of anyone's way, out of traffic, but had a good large area to play. Since the new Broadway Field went up, and since there are now signs posted everywhere that I am not allowed to take my dog to either of these places anymore, however, I don't have anywhere to play frisbee with him. The beach is not an option, as there are many people and other animals that are distracting and could pose a danger to me and my dog, as well as the fact that he cannot be "off leash" to play frisbee, making it impossible.

Why does Seaside NOT have a dog park like the one in Warrenton??? Aren't there plenty of areas that could be made into a dog park, out of everyone else's way, where I could play frisbee with my dog, without anyone else getting upset about it?? Seaside is also a tourist town, is it not? Why is it not also dog friendly?? Tourists have dogs too... I think we need to accommodate.

If there's anything I can do to get something like this going, please let me know. I am very interested in getting a dog park started up! Thank you...

Lisa Johnson