Lewis and Clark Cemetery Manager Jorgen Madsen found an unwelcome surprise Tuesday morning as he made his rounds through the cemetery.

About 20 gravestones in the middle of the cemetery had been knocked over by vandals, he said. Madsen had no clue who might have done the damage or when, only that it occurred sometime "in the past few days." Vehicles did not appear to have been involved. The only suspicious tire track was found in an unrelated section of the cemetery, he said.

Sgt. Bob Hahn of the Clatsop County Sheriff's Department took a report at the site. He stated they have no suspects and nothing was recovered at the scene that would lead to the culprits' identity. "People have told me it doesn't take a lot of strength to push one of those stones over," he said, "but it takes a lot of strength to set them back up."

"Some of these were huge stones - there's definitely going to be a cost involved in setting them back upright because we need a crane," Madsen explained. A cost estimate was being prepared by a local stonemason, he said.

Staff from the City of Warrenton recovered two gravestones at the Fisherman's Memorial Tuesday that turned out to belong in Lewis and Clark Cemetery as well.

Anyone with information on the vandalism at Lewis and Clark Cemetery, located four miles south of Miles Crossing on Lewis and Clark Road, is asked to call the Clatsop County Sheriff's Department at 325-8635.


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