Oregon Public Broadcasting

City officials in Washington, DC, announced Thursday their intention to buy streetcars from a company in Clackamas.

The DC mayor says the District Department of Transportation will buy two streetcars from Oregon Iron Works. Those would add to three streetcars the city already has, and finish the fleet for a new line. Oregon Iron Works officials say they don't have a signed contract yet. That's not diminishing the enthusiasm of Oregon Iron Works vice president, Chandra Brown.

Brown said, "We are just so excited and thrilled to be building modern, American-made streetcars for our nation's capital. I mean everyone from our workforce, our subcontractors, we're just totally excited to build these cars for the District of Columbia."

Brown says the DC streetcar blueprint is ambitious, but this planned line along H Street is a relatively short one. Oregon Iron Works is already working on cars for Portland and Tucson, Arizona. Brown says her company is hoping to win bids for streetcars in a few other cities, soon, such as Cincinnati and Dallas.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.