SEASIDE - As a result of a staff-driven restructuring of responsibilities to make the best use of staff skills, things will look just a little different for Clatsop Economic Development Resources (CEDR) and its partner program, Clatsop Community College’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC). 

A proposal developed by Dick Powell, who has held the post of CEDR director since last fall, was the impetus for the shift that puts SBDC director Kevin Leahy into the CEDR director role; he will also stay the course as director of the SBDC. Powell will take over Leahy’s duties as business counselor, working one-on-one with small businesses in Clatsop County as well as working on special projects for CEDR as needed. CEDR’s board recently approved the internal organizational shift after consultation with CCC.

The changes will take effect Sept. 1.

In a letter to the CEDR board, Powell, who has been Leahy’s supervisor said he enjoys a positive working partnership with him, and expressed his belief that Leahy is an “effective communicator,” with a “natural inclination and skill for public engagement and presentations.”

Powell, who acknowledged he prefers working in the background for CEDR and the SBDC, noted his own strengths.

“I am much more effective in one-on-one situations and building long-term relationships,” Powell said.

Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker is vice president of instruction for Clatsop Community College, and provides oversight for day to day operations within CEDR/SBDC as part of the college’s partnership with CEDR. He applauded Powell for the ability to consider the overall mission of the CEDR/SBDC partnership and that he suggested a way to increase its effectiveness.

“His proposal to put the best resources to each job duty is commendable,” Schoonmaker said. “The college assessed the information Dick presented and the CEDR board approved and we think this approach will serve the SBDC and its business clients – as well as maximize the complementary skills Dick and Kevin possess – extremely well.”

Skip Hauke, CEDR president, also expressed enthusiasm for the organizational restructuring.

“We started CEDR with the director wearing both the SBDC director and CEDR director hats,” Hauke said. “The bottom line in business is what’s best for the customer. This organizational adjustment will best serve our business customers,” he said.

And Leahy?

“I’m excited and up to the challenge, and very appreciative that Dick, the college and the CEDR board are supportive of my new role.”

Clatsop Economic Development Resources (CEDR) is a private organization that provides a variety of economic development services to businesses in Clatsop County. CEDR, in conjunction with CCC’s Small Business Development Center, provides entrepreneurs and business owners with resources to improve their businesses.

For more information contact CEDR by calling (503) 338-2402.

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