Alleged thief arrested in Warrenton after tussle with police

Jacob Martin Kitzman

A local homeless man allegedly stole a motorized shopping cart Monday night from Fred Meyer in Warrenton, sparking a series of events that landed him and a police officer in the hospital.

Jacob Martin Kitzman, 26, allegedly drove the cart out of the store shortly after 5:30 p.m. After briefly rolling into a Ross Dress for Less in a nearby lot, he drove the cart into Rite Aid, where he allegedly stole a DVD player. Police were called after he left the store and bumped into a parked car in the parking lot.

By the time police responded, Kitzman was driving the cart east near Pizza Hut toward Shilo Inn.

“Those things don’t move very fast,” Warrenton Police Chief Mathew Workman said.

Kitzman allegedly placed the DVD player in the cart’s front basket before concealing it as police arrived. He allegedly was verbally aggressive but entered the police car without incident.

While he was taken to Columbia Memorial Hospital, Kitzman allegedly tried to kick out the back window of the police car. The Warrenton police officer pulled over to try to restrain Kitzman, who then began to fight. The officer was punched in the head multiple times as he struggled with Kitzman on the ground.

Oregon State Police and the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the scene and used a stun gun multiple times before subduing Kitzman.

Kitzman also tried to kick hospital staff before he was treated and taken to the Clatsop County Jail. An open container of alcohol was found on Kitzman and later in the back of the police car.

The injured officer was taken to the hospital, treated and released for a possible concussion. Other officers on the scene sustained minor injuries.

“It got to be quite the show out there, I guess,” Workman said.

Kitzman was charged with resisting arrest, assaulting a public safety officer, second-degree theft and third-degree theft.

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