Army Corps seeks comment on Fort George project in Warrenton

Fort George Brewery is planning a distribution center, warehouse and event space on 19th Street in Warrenton.

WARRENTON — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public comment on a proposed distribution campus by Fort George Brewery at the North Coast Business Park in Warrenton.

The site design includes a 46,100-square foot distribution center, a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, parking, a disc golf course, pedestrian pathways and an outdoor event space.

The overall area is about 10 acres, six of which are classified as wetlands. The campus would impact 4.1 acres of wetlands, requiring 17,010 cubic yards of fill, mainly for grading of the project site.

The project also includes construction of Bugle Road, a proposed three-lane collector roadway with bike lanes and sidewalks, which would result in permanent fill to 0.6 acres of wetlands.

Fort George proposes to install erosion and sediment control measures to minimize impact during construction. Stormwater facilities would be constructed to treat runoff from the campus. The permanent wetland impacts would be mitigated through wetland preservation and mitigation bank credits. The Corps will determine the type and amount of compensatory mitigation needed to offset environmental losses.

Comments may be submitted until Sept. 11 through or: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Regulatory Branch, Danielle Erb, P.O. 2946, Portland, Oregon 97208-2946.