The Astoria Co-op aims to introduce the store to new shoppers by providing prices for staple grocery items on par with larger natural food retailers.

The Co-op’s recent launch of a promotional program through the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) has allowed it to purchase certain products for less money and pass along the sale prices to consumers.

The Co-op officially gained membership in the NCGA this year. The association partners with more than 120 food co-ops nationwide to provide purchasing power, staff development programs, financial oversight and, most notably for Co-op shoppers, a promotional program called Co+op Deals.

The Co+op Deals program consists of several components. The most prominent is a bimonthly sales flyer. The Co-op has been distributing these sales flyers throughout its region via inserts in The Daily Astorian and soon in The Chinook Observer. The Co+op Deals program also includes a coupon program that permits additional savings at the Co-op. These prices are available to all member and nonmember shoppers.

“It’s been really exciting; we’ve been seeing a lot of new faces in our store,” said Zetty Nemlowill, the Co-op’s outreach director. “Customers have been pleasantly surprised at the prices in the flyer, and we’ve continued to experience steady growth.”

Some of the Co-op’s best deals are highlighted at the endcaps in front of the store. Adorning these endcaps are headers that incorporate the creative talents of local community members. Astoria Artist Roger McKay built one-of-a-kind chalkboards for other local artists to create fun graphic displays every two weeks in connection with the sales flyers.

Anyone interested in having a turn designing these chalkboard signs can email


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