The Astoria City Council approved a resolution Monday night formalizing the level of organic load that fermentation businesses can release into the city’s wastewater treatment system.

The resolution is part of an ordinance the council adopted in May that formalized the city’s industrial pretreatment program.

The city began working with Fort George Brewery and Buoy Beer Co. — the two largest breweries in the city — about two years ago to develop the program. Over the years, the increased levels of high concentration waste from the breweries has strained the system.

The program requires all breweries, cideries and distilleries to have industrial discharge permits that set the limits on the sewage the businesses can release into the city’s treatment lagoons.

The vast majority of the organic load allocation was reserved for Fort George and Buoy Beer. New breweries will be required to treat wastewater to the level of a residential user before it enters the lagoons.

In the coming weeks, the City Council will review a resolution that will detail a new rate structure that will classify different users based on concentration of wastewater.