The former upstairs showrooms of Hughes-Ransom Mortuary & Crematory are filled with caskets, display shelves and other general storage. New owner Eric Anderson, who’s taking up residence above the mortuary, has also laid down blue tape to mark the two apartment rentals he plans to add by fall.

Anderson recently closed the sale on Hughes-Ransom’s Astoria and Seaside locations from Todd and Joy Slack. He is hoping the new apartments and opening the chapel to weddings and other community gatherings will help enliven the historic building.


Caskets sit on display at Hughes-Ransom Mortuary & Crematory. New owner Eric Anderson said he needs a lot less space today than before.


Urns sit on a shelf in a showroom at the Hughes-Ransom Mortuary & Crematory.

Funeral services location

The three businesses that offer funeral services in Astoria are all centered around the intersection of Franklin Avenue and 12th Street.

Funeral Services

The Hughes-Ransom Mortuary & Crematory sits at an intersection in Astoria with two other funeral service businesses.

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