An Astoria man was sentenced to four years in prison on Dec. 17 for a string of crimes that occurred in March and early April involving stolen vehicles. 

Randy Allen Stackhouse, 23, pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful use of a vehicle.

His guilty plea and sentencing resolved several other cases, including one in Marion County.

According to court filings, Stackhouse stole vehicles on March 29 and April 7. Both thefts led to Stackhouse eluding police, driving recklessly and causing property damage.

Deputy District Attorney Paul Charas, who prosecuted the case, said the incidents likely could have resulted in someone getting hurt.

Stackhouse was arrested in May when he was found with a stolen vehicle in Marion County.

"There's a lot of good police work from every agency," Charas said. "They all did an excellent job in their investigation. It's really what put everything together and made it able to resolve in the way it did and ... protect the community for a good time."