Bridge suicide

Emergency responders circle underneath the Astoria Bridge after a man jumped on Thursday morning.

A Warrenton man jumped off the Astoria Bridge on Thursday morning.

The man parked his car halfway up the span on the Astoria side, got out and started walking, Astoria Police Chief Geoff Spalding said.

When police officers arrived, they saw the man on the other side of a barrier and railing. Officers started to talk to him, but held back until emergency responders in the water and a crisis negotiator were in place. The man did not respond to officers.

“So we were waiting for the crisis negotiator to get here and he basically jumps,” Spalding said.

Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin said the man hit a bridge support in the main channel of the Columbia River. His body fell into the river and has not been recovered.

The man was identified as Daniel Williams, 24, of Warrenton, according to Astoria police.

The bridge was initially closed, but both lanes were open to traffic shortly before 11 a.m.

“Events such as these are painful, especially for those who may have lost someone to suicide or may feel suicidal themselves,” Amy Baker, the executive director of Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, said in an email. “If this is you, we at CBH would like to tell you that we are here for you. Call us directly at 503-325-5724 or call Lines for Life at 800-273-8255.”

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(4) comments

Melody Olson

Such a tragic loss. Perhaps they should make it impossible to get to places of danger?
Probably about 38 years ago, when I was a teen in Astoria three of my dearest friends got drunk and climbed up to the blinking red light at the top of the bridge to Washington late one night. Thank God they made it without incident, but one of them said it was pretty scary, unbelievably windy and extremely high, much higher then they had imagined it would be. My question then was how the h*** did you even get access to that ladder. I trust that has been restricted since then. If not you might need to now.... oops.

Stanford LYNX

• How many people are on record for having jumped from this bridge?
•• I recall in the 1980's when a wind blown freighter rammed into the wooden bumper grid - here pictured at the base of the bridge support during a strong storm. The base required fairly extensive repairs to replace the broken pressure-treated wood beams.

amber cowan

About three in 10-15 years.

Stanford LYNX

Thank you, :(

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