LONG BEACH, Wash. — A body that washed ashore in Chinook in early March belonged to Ha Khuong Vo Dang, a 28-year-old Portland woman.

Vo Dang, who went by “Kay,” disappeared on May 1, 2016, while paddleboarding at a beach in Columbia County. Search and rescue workers presumed Vo Dang drowned, but were never able to recover her body. A peninsula man discovered her body in March while walking on a small beach near Third Street in Chinook.

The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office confirmed her identity and notified her family earlier this month, Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said.

“We were very happy to finally bring a resolution to Vo Dang’s family,” Matlock said.

Vo Dang lived on the East Coast after immigrating to the U.S. from Vietnam, according to her social media profiles. She earned a nursing degree in Connecticut and then worked in North Dakota. She moved to Oregon to take a job at a Salem hospital. Profile photos show a petite, smiling young woman who enjoyed being outdoors.

With a high of 81 degrees, May 1 was one of the first truly warm days of the year in the Portland area. Vo Dang spent the afternoon on a first date with a Portland man. After renting paddleboarding gear, she and the man drove to Collins Beach, a popular spot on Sauvie Island. The island is in the Columbia River, about 10 miles northwest of Portland.

According to a Columbia County investigation report, Vo Dang and her friend sunbathed and shared a six-pack of beer. The man continued to doze, while Vo Dang went paddleboarding. She was not wearing a lifejacket, deputies said.

Around 4 p.m., a woman approached Vo Dang’s friend. She told him Vo Dang had fallen off of her paddleboard and appeared to be struggling in the water. Around the same time, another man called 911. He said he had seen a woman fall in the water, and she had not come out.

“The wind was strong. It was blowing the board away. She tired herself out swimming after it, obviously,” witness Nathaniel Harrack told news channel KGW.

Columbia County deputies searched for her from land. They also brought in a boat.

“But by the time they arrived, she was gone,” Matlock said. “She was about halfway across the river.”