People who live near the Clatsop County Fairgrounds were advised to boil water after a mainline water break on Friday night.

An announcement from Astoria said people in Willow Dale, River Point and Cavalier Court were without water on Saturday.


A boil water advisory was issued near the Clatsop County Fairgrounds.

The tide level interrupted repair work early Saturday.

"During a main break where water pressure is lost, it is possible for contaminates and bacteria to enter into the water system," Eric Bufkin, the city's water quality supervisor, said in a statement. "While the danger to public health is low, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and health of the public.

"The city asks that customers in the referenced areas boil all water before using until further notice."

The city advised people not to consume tap water that has not been disinfected or raw food rinsed with tap water that has not been disinfected.

The boil water notice was rescinded on Monday.