Buoy Beer Co. is closing its kitchen indefinitely.

David Kroening, the president and one of the founders of the company, told The Astorian on Friday that issues with the dock and pilings beneath the kitchen in the restaurant will require construction.

Buoy Beer

Buoy Beer Co. has expanded its footprint on the riverfront.

“As it is with all the docks on the Astoria riverfront, they’re all 100-plus years old,” he said. “You have to monitor them as you go.”

Buoy will continue to serve beer, wine and cider as the company makes improvements to the dock.

“It’s a hard thing to shut down the kitchen right now,” Kroening said. “There has been a lot of change and adapting over the years and our team has done a great job at it.

“To have to change our model for the time being, it’s tough to swallow.”

Kroening added that Buoy is hoping to bring in a food truck while the construction takes place. In the meantime, the brewery will be offering limited snacks and welcoming outside food.

The restaurant was shifting hours due to construction unrelated to the dock, but Buoy will now return to being open seven days a week.

“We just hope to continue to give people the Buoy experience,” Kroening said.