Clatsop College board adds Mazzarella

Andrea Mazzarella

The Clatsop Community College Board on Thursday voted unanimously to add volunteer and real estate agent Andrea Mazzarella to their ranks. She was chosen over collegiate and K-12 food service specialist Tamra Taylor.

Mazzarella is widely known through more than 20 years in the local service sector, including 15 as a bartender. She recently became an agent for John L. Scott Real Estate in Seaside. After Patrick Wingard announced his resignation from the college board to take a position in Eugene, Mazzarella said a friend reached out to her about serving.

“I’ve had a career shift, so now I actually have more time to volunteer, do things in the community,” she said during an interview with the college board Thursday.

Mazzarella has volunteered for local groups including the Astoria Senior Center, The Healing Circle serving childhood victims of sexual abuse, Clatsop Teen Wellness Coalition, the Astoria Pride celebration and drug abuse prevention group Jordan’s Hope for Recovery. In 2016, she joined the Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization’s Community Advisory Council and the Astoria Arts and Movement Center Board.

Mazzarella grew up in Astoria, participated in the college’s Upward Bound college readiness program as a high schooler, studied psychology and oil painting on campus and posed for sculpting classes. She recently attended a college board meeting to voice her concerns over the potential sale of the Performing Arts Center, a popular performance and rehearsal space owned by the college where she studied ballet as a child. But her interest in joining the board was more about curiosity, she said.

“I grew up here in Astoria, and I’ve watched the town change, and I’ve watched the college change — some incredible, incredible changes most recently,” she said. “It’s really exciting.”

In deliberation, board members favored the youth and deep local ties of Mazzarella, 36, over Taylor, 60, who recently moved to Astoria.

“She’ll definitely send people our way,” said Board Member Tessa Scheller.

Wingard defeated Pamela Mattson McDonald in May for a new four-year term on the college board. Mazzarella will complete the first two years of his term. She must then run for election in May to serve the final two years.

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