Clatsop Community Action is seeking candidates for executive director.

The job will be posted this week and the nonprofit’s board of directors hopes to fill the position soon, Sarah Brown, the board president, announced Thursday.

Fresh produce at regional food bank warehouse in Warrenton

The regional food bank is a critical resource for people in need.

Clatsop Community Action provides critical social service programs for the North Coast, including food and housing assistance. The executive director oversees the regional food bank, as well.

Former director Elaine Bruce resigned abruptly in June. No reason was given for her departure. Deputy Director Viviana Matthews has filled in as interim executive director.

“It was very much an internal decision,” Brown said of Bruce’s resignation. “It wasn’t pressure.”

Matthews is a front-runner for the job if she wants to apply, but the board will be looking at other candidates, too, Brown said.

The new executive director will continue to oversee both the social service programs and the regional food bank.

In prior years, the nonprofit had employed two directors, one to oversee the food bank and another to manage other programs. But the nonprofit shifted to an executive director model ahead of former food bank director Marlin Martin’s retirement in 2018.

This transition was in process under Bruce’s leadership “and it just wasn’t happening,” Brown said. “It was not anybody’s fault … It just wasn’t a smooth transition.”

After Bruce resigned, the board considered switching back to a model that involved two directors, but decided to stick with an executive director model.

Clatsop Community Action has several significant funding opportunities coming up and the board will be looking for someone with strong leadership skills who can engage the community, Brown said.

With Matthews as interim executive director, “the nonprofit is under really good leadership currently,” she said.

For fiscal year 2018-19, Clatsop Community Action helped 11,960 people with housing and energy assistance and through the nonprofit’s personal care pantry and information and referral services, according to the nonprofit.

Katie Frankowicz is a reporter for The Astorian. Contact her at 971-704-1723 or

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