Though Nikki Davidson’s career in journalism has taken her all over the country, her landing in Astoria will be her first taste of Oregon.

Davidson is taking over as the new editor of Coast Weekend, a weekly arts and entertainment publication featured in The Astorian and Chinook Observer.

Nikki Davidson

Nikki Davidson is the new editor of Coast Weekend.

She hopes telling the stories of a region with such rich history will help her get familiar with the area, as well as let her explore one of her biggest interests.

“I’m very interested in history,” she said. “I really want to delve into the quirky history stories that people don’t hear about as often — the ones that seem like they’re lost in time.”

Davidson started her time in journalism at the University of Northern Iowa, where she was editor of the school’s paper. At the same time, she juggled working for a local public access station and as an associate producer for Iowa Public Radio.

She has had reporting and anchor roles at television stations in Michigan, South Carolina, Iowa, Minnesota and Louisiana.

While often difficult, Davidson said her time in broadcast journalism exposed her to the value of visual media in storytelling, something she hopes to incorporate into her work with Coast Weekend.

“We can do multimedia, maybe some videos — just to really showcase the area and the people in a way that print alone can’t do,” she said. “I think it can really complement the work that we’re doing here.”

In an area as beautiful as the North Coast, she said, creating that type of content shouldn’t be a problem.

“It seems like a really awesome place to be,” she said.

Davidson said overseeing Coast Weekend is somewhat of a perfect situation for her, since it allows her to stick beside her husband in the U.S. Coast Guard while indulging her passions for storytelling and journalism.

Her husband, Patrick, is stationed at Cape Disappointment in Washington state. Previously, the couple lived in Louisiana.

“You don’t always necessarily get to choose where you end up in journalism,” Davidson said. “Getting the ability to do what has been my passion in life in the place that we are is really what attracted me to this.”