County seeks help to ID dead body

A body was found Friday in the Columbia River near the Astoria Bridge.

In a rare move, Clatsop County officials are seeking the public’s help identifying the body of a man recovered Friday from the Columbia River near the Astoria Bridge.

No missing persons reports match the body, and none of the man’s personal effects or identification were found on him, Clatsop County Medical Examiner JoAnn Giuliani said.

The medical examiner said this is the first time in her 16 years working for the county that she hasn’t been able to identify a body within three days. “It’s very, very, very rare,” Giuliani said.

Several tests revealed no signs of overt trauma, and he appeared to have been in the water for several weeks, Giuliani said. It’s likely the man was last on the Washington side of the river in Wahkiakum County or west.

He appears to be in his 60s. The condition of the man’s clothing was good, and his shirt was tucked into his pants. Due to body decomposition, his race is unidentifiable.

“He is unidentifiable, which is probably implied when you’re in the water that long, you know, everything goes,” Giuliani said.

Results of a fingerprint exam are pending, but Giuliani is unsure if it will provide much clarity due to the body’s condition. The body will likely be sent to the state medical examiner’s office for DNA and dental exams. “We think he’s somebody that somebody’s going to miss,” Giuliani said. “It’s very sad.”


Authorities are asking for help in identifying the body of a man found in the Columbia River.


• Approximately 60-year-old male, unknown ethnicity

• About 5 feet, 7 inches tall; 160 pounds

• Dark hair, 5 inches in length in the back, may have frontal balding

• Brown eyes

• No upper teeth, may have worn a plate

• Salt-and pepper-colored beard, 6 inches in length and curly

• No scars, tattoos or jewelry


• Good condition

• Patagonia dark blue or purple fleece pullover

• Great Northwest Clothing Co. women’s petite blue fleece vest

• Medium Kirkland orange T-shirt and tie-dye T-shirt

• Key work jeans

• Denali brown hiking boots, size 7

• Brown belt with silver metal and a black “lighter leash” attached

Anyone with information about the man can call the sheriff’s office at 503-325-8635.

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