The unemployment rate in Tillamook County dropped significantly in December, to 9.2 percent from 10.2 percent, according to Worksource Oregon’s employment department.

Clatsop and Columbia counties were relatively unchanged. 

Clatsop is at an even 10 percent, which Columbia still sits at 12.2 percent. All three counties’ rates are higher than the year before.

The Oregon State unemployment rate is 10.6 percent. The national rate is 9.4 percent.

In Clatsop County, total employment decreased by 284 from the previous month to 18,588. The number of unemployed people rose by 28. That’s 191 more than Dec. 2009 and 264 fewer people with jobs.

Seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment grew by 10 jobs in December, making 16,180 seasonally employed in Clatsop County. Those 10 jobs were a result of the loss of 250 seasonal jobs in the county. The normal loss is 260.

The private sector cut 190 jobs and governments cut 60. Food manufacturing jobs added 100 to staff but leisure and hospitality dropped 220 jobs. The retail trade dropped 30. Local government education cut 50 jobs and other local governments cut 20.

In 2010, the private sector shed 900 jobs and governments cut 160 in Clatsop County.

Columbia County’s unemployment rate went from 12.3 percent in November to 12.2 percent in December, more than a full percentage point lower than last year, when the county saw 13.4 percent. 

Total employment dropped by 104 to 21,990. The number of unemployed people increased by 62 to 2,934. Total employment in December was 799 more than one year before. There were 204 fewer people unemployed in 2010. 

Seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll employment fell by 40 jobs in December to 9,440. A loss of 120 jobs in normal in December but 160 were cut.

The private sector cut 130 jobs and governments dropped 30. Wood product manufacturing lost 40 jobs and service industries cut 60. Local government education cut 50 jobs.

Those employed in nonfarm jobs were 290 less in December than one year ago. Manufacturing and trade jobs were fewer in 2010 but jobs in education and health services were added.40 government jobs were 40 less than one year ago.

In Tillamook County, the unemployment rate was less than the state and national rate, gaining back a percentage point from November 2010. Food manufacturing added 20 jobs in the county, and only 90 seasonal jobs were cut, when 100 were expected.

 Employment fell by 115 from the previous month the number of unemployed decreased by 31. Compared to one year ago, employment was 248 higher in 2010 but with 113 more unemployed people.

The private sector shed 80 jobs and governments cut 10. Leisure and hospitality dropped 80 jobs. December’s total nonfarm employment was 120 lower than one year before. The private sector lost 100 jobs and governments cut 20.