Daughter like father at Trina and Ron’s

Katrina and Ron Hunt recently took over the former Rod's Bar & Grill in Warrenton, reopening as Trina & Ron's Place.

A decade ago, Katrina Hunt said, her father Rodney Mullins noticed a bar on Skipanon Drive in Warrenton was available for lease. He opened Rod’s Bar & Grill, where she has worked ever since.

When she noticed the building was up for sale by the previous owners, Hunt decided to continue in the family tradition — buying the building, taking over her father’s business with her husband, Ronald, and reopening as Trina & Ron’s Place.

“We’re kind of a restaurant with a bar in the middle of it,” Hunt said of the local watering hole, serving large portions of Americana fare and open to minors until 9 p.m.

Hunt isn’t making any wholesale changes, but is updating the building and cooking more of the menu from scratch, she said.

She still seeks advice from her father, who operates Rod’s Lamplighter Restaurant in Seaview, Washington, but she mostly runs things at Trina & Ron’s.

Her husband works down the road as a kiln operator at Hampton Lumber Mills.

“It’s pretty much the same,” she said of owning rather than managing the business. “I get to make the decisions without a lot of asking. I get to make all the decisions, so there’s not anybody to fall back on. I don’t get to blame anybody else.”

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