Sid Deluca art

Art on display at Smoked Bones BBQ.

Last year, Sid Deluca encountered something he hadn’t previously imagined in his five years of involvement with Astoria art shows.

Deluca, Joi Smith and Phil Spencer were planning a food art benefit show at Smoked Bones BBQ, featuring a selection of food-themed art. Much of the proceeds from the show would have been given to a local food nonprofit.

Sid Deluca

Sid Deluca

The only problem: a fire broke out at the restaurant a few days before the show. Damage was minimal, but the need for a completely rebuilt smoker and other repairs forced the eatery to temporarily close.

The art show would have to wait.

“I’ve never had an art show close because a venue burned down, so that was a first for me,” Deluca said.

The show eventually was rebooted in December and raked in $350 for Filling Empty Belies, a nonprofit that serves lunch six days a week to needy people. On Saturday, Deluca hosted another show.

“We didn’t think about a charity component, but it became obvious as we went along that we should give back to the community,” Deluca said. “Well, we just thought, why don’t we pick a food organization that could benefit from this?”

Motivated by the previous success and a desire to continue the holiday spirit, Deluca kicked off another show this weekend during the Second Saturday Art Walk.

“We were all feeling very giving and wanted to keep giving in the new year,” he said.

About 10 artists accepted Deluca’s invitation to join the show, and each decided on a portion of their profits to donate. The photography, paintings and collages included a “Wizard of Cheese,” a piece inspired by ”The Wizard of Oz.”

“Some are a little weird, abstract you might say,” Deluca said. “It’s very tasty.”

Deluca imagines that Saturday’s food show was likely the final one. In February, he will head to Las Vegas for an extended period of time to participate in another art show.

The food art, however, will continue to be on display for the remainder of the month.

Jack Heffernan is a reporter for The Daily Astorian. Contact him at 971-704-1724 or

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