Coast Guard rescues fisherman after boat sinks at Cape Disappointment bar

A man was rescued Tuesday morning after his boat sank near the Cape Disappointment bar.

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River received a radio mayday call from the man at 1:30 a.m. reporting that the fishing boat was taking on water. They instructed the man to light flares and activate the vessel’s emergency position indicating radio beacon.

A Coast Guard lifeboat crew and helicopter crew responded. The crew of a Columbia River Bar Pilot boat in Astoria also went to assist in the rescue.

At about 2 a.m., the Coast Guard lifeboat crew arrived and passed a dewatering pump to the boat to help control the flooding, but the boat began to take on water at a faster rate and the man went into the water as the boat sank.

The Coast Guard lifeboat crew promptly recovered the man and took him to shore.

“The mariner was prepared for an emergency,” Petty Officer 3rd Class Caitlin Maronde, a crew member aboard the lifeboat, said in a statement. “Having the proper emergency equipment may have saved his life.”

The debris in the area may be hazardous to navigation so mariners are urged to use caution near the mouth of the river.

Astoria home damaged in fire

An Astoria home was severely damaged Monday evening in a fire.

Firefighters were called to the two-story home on James Street after 5:30 p.m. to a report that a barbecue fire spread to the house.

Officials say an occupant of the home was cooking on the barbecue when it caught fire, spread to a nearby hot tub and then into the home.

The fire was brought under control within 15 minutes, but firefighters remained on scene until 7:30 p.m. removing smoke from the structure, checking for fire extension and conducting an investigation.

The cause of the fire was accidental, officials say, and no injuries were reported.

The Astoria Fire Department estimated the fire damage to the home at $170,000. Occupants also lost an estimated $10,000 in contents. The home is insured, but the renters do not have renters insurance.

Warrenton extends virus emergency

WARRENTON — The City Commission on Tuesday extended a coronavirus emergency declaration into September, while wondering how to salvage the popular Halloween Fall Harvest Festival in October.

City Manager Linda Engbretson said it was in the city’s best interest to align the emergency declaration with Clatsop County’s, which runs through Sept. 4, as the city slowly reopens some services. Engbretson is planning to reopen City Hall to the public with limited hours in August.

The emergency declaration also helps Warrenton qualify for up to $155,000 in reimbursements through the state for coronavirus-related expenses, she said. She waxed hopeful that the state Legislature might allow cities like Warrenton to use the money to backstop lost revenue from sources like lodging taxes.

The City Commission reached a consensus on telling Spruce Up Warrenton to proceed at its own risk in planning a fall festival.

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