Convicted child abuser

dies in prison

Carl Axel Hagnas, who was sentenced in January to six years in prison for sexually abusing three young girls in Clatsop County, died Thursday morning at Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, according to the Oregon Department of Corrections.

The cause of death has not been released.

Hagnas, 70, was known as the “candy man” for passing out treats to children. He was a community volunteer and cleaned the Ocean View Cemetery in Warrenton, which is where some of the abuse took place.

Log truck rolls over

on Highway 202

A log truck headed westbound on state Highway 202 rolled over Friday morning near Olney Avenue.

Police said the crash happened after the driver drove around a tight curve.

For unknown reasons, the logs shifted to the left and rolled the semi onto the driver’s side. The highway was closed for several hours.

The driver had minor injuries.

Ransom scam phone calls reported

Two incidents of ransom scam calls were recently reported to the Warrenton Police Department.

The scams involved the caller saying they have kidnapped the victim’s child or loved one and will release them for money. The caller was reportedly yelling and someone was screaming in the background, creating a tense atmosphere.

Police urge people who receive this call to try to slow the situation down, try to figure out where the loved one is located and contact police.

Construction work extended

until January at North Jetty

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will extend construction on the mouth of the Columbia River’s North Jetty to Jan. 1.

The original plan was to reopen the area and road on Nov. 1, but the project has taken longer than previously anticipated.

The jetty, North Jetty Road and nearby parking lots will remain closed to the public until January. Benson and Waikiki beaches will remain open.

Ecola State Park will close

for tree removal

Ecola State Park will close Monday through Friday while crews remove trees that could pose a hazard along the entrance road.

Park rangers will be working with crews from the Oregon Department of Corrections to remove dead, diseased and unstable trees.

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