Seaside to address homelessness

SEASIDE — Mayor Jay Barber sounded an alarm about chronic homelessness, with people living on the fringes of the city and increasing numbers of people setting up camps in local forests and woods.

Many of the people who are homeless have mental health problems, substance abuse addictions and may have fallen on difficult economic times, Barber said at a City Council meeting on Monday.

While organizations like Helping Hands and others proactively address the homeless situation, most of the homeless people encountered in Seaside don’t want to become involved in these programs, either because of addictions or other lifestyle issues, the mayor said.

Gearhart buildable lands significantly lower than study indicated

GEARHART — The city’s buildable land inventory is significantly less than Clatsop County’s 2018 housing study indicated, a new study reports.

Gearhart officials went back to the authors, Matt Hastie and Andrew Parish, of Angelo Planning Group, to refine the city’s buildable lands inventory and found the building capacity had shrunk by more than 45%, from a projected 701 units in the 2018 report to the potential for 381 new lots on 100 buildable acres in the revised study.

If that capacity is reached, Gearhart could face the need to expand its urban growth boundary.

Seaside police officer to graduate from basic police class

A Seaside police officer will graduate from the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training basic police class.

A graduation ceremony will be held for Timothy White on Oct. 22 at the Oregon Public Safety Academy in Salem.

The ceremony will be closed to the public because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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