Police are investigating alleged threats of violence by a student at Astoria High School.

A parent of a student posted on Facebook on Monday that another student has been threatening to shoot, stab or kill her son over the past two weeks. The family made a third report Monday that the student threatened to kill her son at the upcoming homecoming dance, she wrote. She encouraged other parents to contact the high school with their concerns.

Lynn Jackson, the principal at the high school, issued a statement to parents about the investigation.

“Upon receiving information regarding threats of potential violence toward another student, the administration of Astoria High School began a preliminary investigation Monday morning to discover who were the alleged student(s) involved in the report,” he said. “By late morning, the investigation became a collaborative effort between the Astoria Police Department and the Astoria School District to fully ascertain the level of threat the issue entailed.

“Steps have been taken to ensure the safety of students involved while adhering to district and board policies. The situation continues to be collaboratively investigated with the Astoria Police Department.”

Sgt. Brian Aydt said officers are still interviewing students. While the investigation is in the early stages, it appears the alleged threat was only by one student toward another, rather than a threat of mass violence, he said. Once the investigation is finished, it will be forwarded to the Clatsop County District Attorney’s office to see if charges will be filed.

Craig Hoppes, school superintendent in Astoria, declined to comment on the specific case but said that, by policy, students are removed from class after threats of violence. The school district’s policy regarding threats of violence includes “removing from the classroom setting any student who has threatened to injure another person or to severely damage school property.”

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