Three historic building restorations received money from Oregon Heritage, a division of the state Parks and Recreation Department.

The Astoria Arts and Movement Center in the Odd Fellows Building received $19,999 to go with a $51,546 match. The grant was in the Preserving Oregon category for properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The arts and movement center offers dance and exercise classes, along with community events. The bottom floor houses a coffee shop, gift store and antique shop.

A local group led by real estate agent Andrea Mazzarella, the center’s board president; her mother, Nancy Mazzarella-Tisch; and Astoria City Councilor Jessamyn West, executive director of the center, purchased the Odd Fellows Building last year. They estimated $260,000 for repairs, including replacement of the historic windows.

The Friends of Old Fort Stevens, a nonprofit that raises money and recruits volunteers for Fort Stevens State Park, received $20,000 in the Preserving Oregon category to go with a $22,548 match to repair and restore upper floor windows and several panel doors at the park’s guard house.

The Union Steam Baths in Uniontown received $9,090 in the Diamonds in the Rough category for historic facade enhancements to go with an equal match.

The former Union Steam Baths building, closed for decades, was purchased by Eric Bechard, owner of local restaurant and bar Albatross, in 2013. He recently began a GoFundMe page to raise money for the building’s restoration. Along with the baths, Bechard envisions a cafe with traditional Finnish appetizers.

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