The Shipyard Bar and Grill and adjacent Astoria Event Center, closed for over a month now, could be ready to relaunch by year’s end under the ownership of a Harvey Award-winning development duo.

Luottamus Partners, LLC, owned by RoseMarie Paavola and Mitch Mitchum, started a contract within the last two weeks to purchase the building at 894 Commercial St. .

“It will take us until Oct. 1 to get the deal closed,” said Mitchum, who along with Paavola won a Dr. Edward. J. Harvey Award in 2010 for their restoration of the Sanborn Building at 951-957 Commercial St.

“We definitely intend to have the event center back in service. It’s a needed service.”

Between now and October, he added, the site will remain closed. In the meantime, Luottamus will look for a tenant, whether that be a restaurant, a bar or something else.

Fred Van Horn, who purchased the event center in 2006, had previously put the building up for sale for $600,000. He offered in July 2011 to trade the event center building for the American Legion building, which he would have then sold to the city in advance of the Garden of Surging Waves development. A deal never materialized.

Van Horn, who could not be reached for comment, said in 2011 that he was trying to divest himself of either the event center building or the nearby Merry Time Restaurant and Lounge, which he also owns.

The building was built in 1924, but Mitchum said it’s been changed too much to have any historical significance. Van Horn converted it from an Eagles Lodge into the restaurant, bar and event center.

“It’s kind of an ugly building,” said Mitchum, stating that he’s considering adding more glass during a remodel.


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