Boston marathoners

Chloe Allen-Maycock and Scott Atwood, both Astoria High School Class of 1992 graduates, will run the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Astoria natives Chloe Allen Maycock and Scott Atwood have been friends since elementary school.

On Monday, the two Astoria High School Class of 1992 graduates will join the rarified group of runners to compete in the Boston Marathon.

Allen Maycock, 44, an anesthesiologist in Portland, began running competitively at 35, during her medical residency and after a bout with thyroid cancer. She got into marathons after clerking at Pacific Family Medicine under Kate Merrill, a local doctor who has also competed in the Boston Marathon.

“Working with her was my first realization that I could do this,” Allen Maycock said.

Boston will be her 12th marathon. Allen Maycock met her qualifying time at the Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon in Las Vegas.

Atwood, 45, a software engineer for Google in the Bay Area, ran track and cross-country in high school, placing in the top 10 at the state finals before taking a 20-year break from running. Atwood was back in Astoria about four years ago, being inducted into the high school’s athletics hall of fame. He performed terribly in the alumni run but ended up getting back into running, Atwood said.

Atwood started with a 5-kilometer turkey trot before graduating to half marathons. When his wife wanted to visit Disney World, Atwood saw there was a race that lined up with their visit, albeit a full marathon.

“I didn’t do great,” he said.

Atwood hired a coach and spent the next several months preparing to qualify for the Boston marathon, which he did at the Eugene Marathon a year ago.

When she found out she’d be running with a childhood friend in Boston, Allen Maycock sent Atwood a simple message: “See you there.”

Edward Stratton is a reporter for The Astorian. Contact him at 971-704-1719 or

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