A.J. Siegmann

Caring for the Coast

1230 Marine Drive, Suite 308, Astoria

Caring for aging loved ones in the home preserves independence and provides a personal, loving environment, but as age or health issues advance this option becomes more challenging over time. Caring for the Coast is a local, family owned business dedicated to providing resources for in-home care. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekday and on-call 24-7 for emergencies. For more information, call (503) 325-4503.

What do you do?

“Our agency provides all manner of professional, nonmedical, in-home care for seniors, and add on top of that personal, relational care provided by our caregivers who have a love for the job. We give piece of mind. We offer companion care for activities like going on walks or just interaction, meal preparation and transportation to medical appointments or any kind of outing. Our care assistance extends from light housekeeping and medication reminders to dressing, showering and grooming. Our experienced caregivers enable people to have the option to live independently and joyfully in the comfort of ones own home. We also offer respite care so family members may take a break from their routine. Our care-givers are experienced, carefully screened, thoroughly trained, and most importantly they love what they do.”


How did you get started doing this?

“My background is in business and education, and I got into this with my mom’s in-home care business in Indiana. Nine years ago, I attended a wedding in the valley and took a weekend trip to Cannon Beach and ever since wanted to come out here. I always knew I would have a business, and from working with my mom saw what a wonderful service this was, but didn’t want to start one in her area. I did some research and found that there was a definite need for this on the North Oregon Coast. This area is attracting a lot of retires and the need will only grow. I moved here and opened this business July 2007.”


What can you tell us about your volume of business?

“Right now we have from 25 to 30 clients and as many as 57 caregivers at a given time. The business has grown, on a dollar basis, in equal increments and by the same amount each year. We have not seen a big dip or overall downturn, but then we came in on the beginning of it.”


What do you do to help with the economy?

“The No. 1 thing is to keep the rates as reasonable as possible, and have simple, flat rates. About one-half of our clients come to us with long-term care insurance and we are certified through Veteran’s Affairs, and I will turn over every stone to find financial help to defray costs. One prime reason to go with an agency is that the homework has been done and the client is better protected.”