Anthony Smith, owner

Greensmith Landscape


830 Russell Drive, Hammond

Anthony Smith is a 2006 graduate of Warrenton High School and, after college, moved back from Florida to take over the family business, then Andy’s Lawn Care. He’s since changed the name to Greensmith Landscape Maintenance, which employs four crews of three to eight people and does all manner of landscaping for any size customer throughout Clatsop County. Greensmith is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, closed Sundays, and can be reached at 503-791-5544 or

What do you do?

“We are a year-round lawn and ground service provider – pretty much anything that has to do with landscape maintenance, from doing the annual lawn care service, flower bed maintenance, installing bark mulch and rock, weed control, fertilization, shrub and ornamental trimming and pruning, small tree work. I do options for my customers when it comes to per time and annual packages. We can do a lawn or an account one time and go that way. The other is pro-rated annual packages, to where we set up a whole year’s worth of work. We also do tractor services and field and brush mowing; that’s something we’ve recently added. No job is too big for us. We do huge commercial facilities down to the smallest homeowner.”

How did you get started doing this?

“Ever since I was about 8, I started mowing lawns with my dad. He had a side business, along with another full-time job, while we were growing up in order to pay the bills. I did that with him ever since I was 8 all the way up until I went to college. I gained a lot of experience in those years and did a lot of field supervision and training. And then I went to college and got a bachelor’s degree in business management and another in marketing. Then God led me back to Oregon, and I decided to do this full-time, not as something just to pay the bills but something that can help other people – one, give people jobs, and two, obviously help the local economy. My dad had it since 1993, and when I got back from college – I graduated in 2010 (from Pensacola Christian College) – I moved back to Oregon and changed the name in January 2011.”

What is the volume of your business?

“I would say it’s hard to throw out a quantifiable amount, other than that we are one of the largest commercial and residential providers in the area. Along with it being seasonal, we also have some of the largest local retailers down to the smallest house. If I were to say we have 100 clients, that can mean we have 100 apartments and commercial outlets or 100 houses. I plan on growing. I’d say right now, income-wise, we’re 50-50 commercial and residential.”

How does the economy affect your business?

“You can look at it as we provide a staple good and also a luxury item. And when it comes to the economy, people usually sacrifice their wants and deal with their needs. The homeowner, either it’s a luxury good for them; it can be a need if they can’t do it themselves. When it comes to commercial, it’s a staple good for a lot of other people. The other thing is that outside of the economy, grass doesn’t stop growing. Things are always going to need to be maintained. We work with whatever we’re given, and we’re still strongly growing. I would say we’ve tripled in size since we started in 2011, so we’re doing something right.

Weather is huge. That affects us almost more so than the economy. But because of what we do, all my employees expect, from what I tell them, that we have to work through the weather. Wearing rain gear is a big thing, and just being prepared safety-wise. “


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