Chris Beisner and Wendy Watson-Beisner

Lyle's Garden & Pet Center

725 Avenue J, Seaside


Chris and Wendy Beisner took over Lyle's Garden & Pet Center about 10 years ago from Cecil and Evelyn Beisner after learning the business from them in 1992. Since then, they've been specializing in gardening, pet supplies, reptiles and general information for whoever wants it. On most days you can see their pet alexandrine ringnecked parakeets Koda and Kong hanging out in their cages and sometimes take them out for a closer gander. For more information, call (503) 738-5752.


What do you do?

Wendy: "As a business, we try to service everyone in the best way we can, whether it be in the garden or pet departments. We try to answer everyone's questions to the best of our abilities, and normally if we don't know, we'll find out for them. We run it as a small family setting. We have our daughter here most days after school. Her name's Laurel Beisner. We bring our dog Kindl here most days, and then we also bring our Boston bull terriers around every once in a while."

How did you get started doing this?

Wendy: "My husband Chris and I came down from Vancouver (Wash.) in 1992, because we were given this opportunity from my in-laws - Cecil Beisner and Evelyn Beisner - to learn the business and manage it at that time. That was a way of getting us in and learning all aspects of the business. Since then, we've basically been running it for the last nine to 10 years."

What is the volume of your business?

Chris: "On a slow day, we'd have approximately 40 to 50 rings (transactions) on our register, and on busier days it's usually about double that. Winter volume, I would say, is probably 40 percent lower."

How does the economy affect your business?

Chris: "Things are pretty tough right now for the whole area. We've seen a lot of businesses close. We're hoping - or determined - not to be one of them. Because of the slow economy and increased competition, we're looking for new goods and services to hopefully make up for the lost sales. We love this community, and we're proud to have an opportunity to serve it."

— Edward Stratton



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