A Washington state man who says he is responsible for posting Ku Klux Klan flyers in downtown Astoria told police he does not have official ties to the klan but wanted to attract politically like-minded people.

Astoria police have declined to publicly name the man because of safety concerns. He told police he received threats after he was identified through social media.

Flyers pasted on the sides of buildings this month depicted a klansman in full regalia and the message, “The KKK Wants You!” Along the bottom were pull tabs with a hyperlink to a server page on Discord, an anonymous voice and text chat website and mobile application.

Ku Klux Klan flyer

Flyers with the message ‘The KKK Wants You!’ were found around downtown Astoria this month.

The content of the flyers is protected as free speech. But posting flyers without the permission of property owners is a violation of a city ordinance. The issue will be forwarded to City Attorney Blair Henningsgaard for review. The violation comes with a fine of up to $1,000.

“The individual advised that he does not have any official ties to the Ku Klux Klan and only intended to seek politically like-minded people to engage in discussion and discourse,” Astoria Deputy Police Chief Eric Halverson said in a news release. “As a result of the postings, the individual reported that he has received threats, and others acquainted with him including family members have been contacted and threatened.”

Halverson also pointed out “that threats of violence against individuals do not constitute freedom of speech and may constitute criminal conduct. Astoria Police Department has made contact with the law enforcement agency where the individual lives because of threats and related safety concerns for the individual.

“The Astoria Police Department takes all threats and potential threats of violence and hate crimes very seriously and will commit appropriate resources to identify responsible individuals and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.”

Edward Stratton is a reporter for The Daily Astorian. Contact him at 971-704-1719 or estratton@dailyastorian.com.

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Marcus Lenard

So I know the person in question who was running the Discord server. The "white supremacist" as you call him, did NOT post the fliers. Nor did he tell anyone to do so. He merely made the discord server to find like minded people to him. I am not condoning his actions. Believe it or not I am mad at this individual because I consider him a friend. The reason he calls himself responsible for the fliers is because he knows that his actions are responsible to those fliers being posted. Now try to remember any action you have took or something you had said the caused someone to do something morally wrong that hurts or endangers another person. Trust me there is at least one incident in everyone's lives. Again i am not condoning anything this person has done. But he does not represent white supremacy or even white people as a whole to think or imply anything of the such is just as racist and bigoted as the fliers.

Jennifer Nightingale

I can't help but notice that people who hide behind fake names, typical are the most critical of others and sanctimonious to boot. By in large, we have a pretty wonderful community here on the North Coast. The way people rallied around our Coast Guard was wonderful. The KKK thing is an embarrassment but I don't think it reflects on us as a whole.

Patty Taylor Dutcher


I’ve lived all over the USA, and know the Klan never, ever went away. Members have kept to themselves for the most part.
There are groups in Oregon in mostly rural areas. The Klan had a very big presence on the west coast in the 1920s and 1930s. They are still active in small towns and cities. The little white crosses aren’t posted at town limits anymore. That was a dead giveaway in years past.
Some of them are NOT nice people.

Christina Buck

The last statement from the police is beyond the pale. The simple act of posting those flyers is an act of violence against people who are not white. They take it seriously, huh? Do they take it seriously when non-white people are terrorized by white supremacists?

Christina Buck

So a white supremacist is posting flyers to find "like minded people" and the police will not release his identity because they are concerned about HIS safety? Are you kidding me? The white supremacist and his "like minded people" are a serious threat to others and the community has a right to know who he is and who is "like minded people" are!!!! Enough protecting white supremacists. Enough pretending we don't have a serious violence problem with white supremacists harming people in this state and in this country. This REEKS. You know why? Because law enforcement has typically been involved in white supremacist activity. As someone who lives in the northern coast I find the protection of bigots who engage in racist activities and violence abhorrent.

Slappy McFerrin

Save the occasional Dylan Roof, we certainly don't have a problem of any statistical significance with white supremacists. They're actually pretty rare, so rare in fact that main stream media blows up stories about people of color being called nasty names in a desperate effort to forward this false narrative of white terror. Buck is repeating identity politicking platitudes that have no basis in reality.

Christina Buck

The occasional Dylan Roof? There have been 5 mass shootings in the past week! the last mass shooting was covered non-stop by the media UNTIL THEY FOUND OUT THE PEOPLE WHO DID WERE WHITE. NOW NOTHING. And every single act of white supremacist terrorism that has happened in the last 2 years has gone either ignored by the resident in the White House OR the white supremacist have been praised as good people by him. AND three people were just sentenced to prison for planning a thwarted white supremacist terror attack. Every single day there is an act of violence committed against non-whites by angry, violent white people. Yesterday a black man was beaten because not only because he is black, but also because he is gay. This country is SICK with white supremacist ideology. FACTS are the only that matter and FACTS indicate that hate crimes have blown up since the resident in the WH began living there. Pretending these people and this type of violence is not a grave threat to the health and well being of millions of people in this country is not just denial, it is outright, pathological lying.

Slappy McFerrin

The facts squarely belie every claim you're making. The latest BJS report shows 10.9% of interracial violent crime is white on black, 14.7% black on white (p 2). Considering the demographics that's a significant difference in raw numbers (p 5)

Here's the latest comprehensive data set compiled under Obama's DOJ.

You're attempting to attribute every violent act committed by white offenders as an act of racism. That's fails for some very obvious reasons. For one, if no racial motive is found there's no reason to assume one. And look what happens to your narrative if you apply the same paradigm to all races. It implodes. By your line of reason, since there is far more black on white violent crime than the inverse, you now have to assume there's a much more palpable problem with black racism than white racism. And that certainly isn't what you're going for.

I think you feel very strongly about a topic you're not versed in. It's a bad pairing. Instead of parroting buzz words and platitudes, try questioning what you're told to think. Then research the answers.

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