Man sentenced for downtown knife fight

James Edward Hahn

The man who sliced another man with a knife on 11th and Commercial streets in downtown Astoria in March was sentenced Friday to nearly six years in prison.

James Edward Hahn, 38, Seaside, was found guilty of second-degree assault and not guilty of first-degree robbery after a two-day trial in December.

Prosecutor Dawn Buzzard said the second-degree assault conviction comes with a mandatory sentence of 70 months in prison. The sentence was set at a hearing Friday in Clatsop County Circuit Court.

Hahn’s defense attempted to challenge the mandatory sentence, but was declined by Judge Cindee Matyas.

“In this case, the victim has his finger permanently damaged,” Buzzard said. “The testimony from witnesses was Mr. Hahn was going after the victim. It was not just some accidental cut, according to the witnesses.”

Astoria Police responded to a report of a fight involving a knife on March 1. The victim, Kenneth McGregor, 40 at the time, was found with a cut to his hand. McGregor, who was transported to Columbia Memorial Hospital for his injuries, told police Hahn was responsible for the wound.

Hahn approached McGregor and reportedly demanded money that McGregor owed. He then cut the man. The incident occurred in front of Silver Salmon, where there were several witnesses.

Hahn’s defense claimed he had mental problems and was too drunk to know what he was doing. He blew a 0.20 blood alcohol content after the incident.

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