CANNON BEACH — Pampering and caring for pets is not only big business, but for Emmas and Doug Lindsay, it’s the perfect business for settling into Cannon Beach.

The Lindsays, along with their English black Labrador, Hailey, opened a specialty pet store, Dogs Allowed Cannon Beach, in mid-August.

Located next to the Cannon Beach Treasure Company in the storefront that once housed Rare Discovery, the store caters to all things canine.

For the Lindsays, the opportunity to be their own bosses in Cannon Beach is a dream come true.

It just came a little sooner than expected.

“We were mulling over opening a store in Cannon Beach about five or 10 years down the road,” Emmas Lindsay said. “Circumstances changed suddenly when all the pieces fell into place.”

The Lindsays, who hail from Seattle, place responsibility for falling in love with Cannon Beach on their dog.

“Hailey made us find this place,” Lindsay said. “We’d been hearing about this great beach town for dogs from friends of ours for years, so we finally decided to come. She gets the credit.”

Doug Lindsay has made a career as an information technology “geek” while Emmas Lindsay has worked for various nonprofits in Washington state.

“The more we came here, we started to realize we existed in Seattle but truly lived here,” she said.

That meant getting involved and meeting people, something Emmas Lindsay accomplished while volunteering with the Haystack Rock Awareness Program during weekend visits.

“I never thought I’d develop such an interest in birds,” she said. “It’s amazing how many pictures I suddenly have of the different birds from the area.”

Shared passions for animal well-being made the couple wonder what the ideal fit would be for owning their own business.

Seeing how Hailey loved the beach inspired the Lindsays to help travelers give their dogs the same enjoyment.

“We love dogs and love how they love they beach,” Lindsay said.

The 900-square-foot shop features organic offerings, such as salmon oil food supplements for coat care and “granola bars” with glucosamine for joints. There is a line of leashes and collars made from recycled bicycle tires.

“We want to provide plenty of healthy and sustainable choices for dog owners,” Lindsay said.

While a variety of dog food brands will be on hand to choose from, the food will be in smaller bags.

“You don’t have to come in and buy a 50-pound bag to haul around on vacation,” Lindsay said.

The store will provide vacationing dogs necessities like canine first aid kits, something Lindsay thinks will come in handy for beach-walkers and hikers at Ecola State Park.

In addition to regular dog needs, Dogs Allowed Cannon Beach will tap into the art scene.

The store carries dog-inspired art from local artists,” Lindsay said. “We want to support the local economy that has made us feel so welcome.”

While they cater mainly to dogs, Lindsay says there are some items for cats as well.

Emmas Lindsay runs most of the day-to-day operations in the shop, and has plenty of help.

“Hailey will be our official greeter,” she said. “She’s so goofy and fun to be around. She thinks everyone is her best friend.”

While patrons are encouraged to bring their dogs into the shop, Lindsay promises permission will be asked before treats are offered.

“Even dogs have to stay on diets,” she said.


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