New coffee shop opens on South Slope

Madison Burnett, left, runs A-Town Coffee on Marine Drive near the Roundabout in Astoria.

A new coffee shop has opened on the South Slope.

A-Town Coffee, owned by Heather Jenson and run by her daughter, Madison Burnett, recently opened in the former Sea Star Satellite along Marine Drive near the Roundabout.

Burnett, 19, had been working at Big Creek Coffee Co. in Knappa for three years during high school. After graduating from Astoria High School last year, she went to work full time at A-Town.

“I mentioned to my mom that if she ever ran a business, I would always help her out,” Burnett said.

Along with Longbottom Coffee from Hillsboro, the shop serves breakfast and lunch items.

Whereas the downtown core and the Columbia River waterfront have several coffee shops, A-Town is the only such business on the South Slope or Youngs Bay, and within walking distance of the high school. That’s a nice advantage, Burnett said.

“There really isn’t many other businesses around here, especially food or drinks, besides” Dairy Queen, she said.

High schoolers only get 35 minutes for lunch, she said, and the shop gets a rush of students during lunch and after 3 p.m. A-Town plans to add a lounge where customers can hang out and study, along with outdoor seating.

Jenson, who also sells advertising for The Daily Astorian, had been thinking for a few years about opening her own business, she said. A-Town was formerly a satellite provider, and before that another coffee shop. Next door is an office for financial management firm Edward Jones.

A-Town Coffee opens from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

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