Warrenton Memorial Plaza

Post Office Park, located at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Main Avenue, will be renamed Warrenton Memorial Plaza.

WARRENTON — The Warrenton Memorial Plaza will be the name of the city’s new park at the corner of Main Avenue and Harbor Drive. The Warrenton City Commission unanimously approved the name Tuesday.

The park, located next to the Warrenton Post Office, has gone by the name Post Office Park in reference to its location, and by Flag Park, with the flag of each military branch on display.

Big River Construction has been constructing the park over the last month around a veterans memorial dedicated last year by the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10580.

The city’s Parks Advisory Board petitioned the public to vote on a new name for Post Office Park and came back with four options: Warrenton City Memorial Park, Appreciation Memorial Park, Hero’s Appreciation Park and Warrenton Memorial Plaza, which gathered 20 of the 50 votes cast.

Commissioner Mark Baldwin was surprised at the city getting so few votes, as was Mayor Henry Balensifer. The naming campaign was not publicized on social media.

“I feel like there’s more public outreach to do about this, not that I have a problem with the name,” Balensifer said.

But city commissioners Rick Newton and Pam Ackley agreed that Warrenton Memorial Plaza sounds classy, and that the result would not change with an extended voting period.

“I feel Warrenton Memorial Plaza says everything we want to say,” Ackley said.

Despite his reservations about the process, Balensifer agreed that Warrenton Memorial Park was a much-needed improvement over the more literal Post Office Park.

“That’s not a very inspiring name,” he said.

The .3-acre park is the centerpiece of a downtown beautification project in Warrenton stretching from the post office south to Warrenton High School.

Edward Stratton is a reporter for The Astorian. Contact him at 971-704-1719 or estratton@dailyastorian.com.

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